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We, Almousawi Trading Co. LLC. Believe that our heritage is your recommendation to a successful future.

Partner of Choice

Almousawi Trading LLC brings rich industry knowledge and experience, shared local cultural values and a strong commitment to the development of industries in Abu Dhabi.

Almousawi’s core competencies and strengths are as follows:

  • Almousawi, as an entrepreneurial and privately family owned company, has the ability to develop opportunities rapidly without the large scale bureaucratic complexities that are encountered by many of its competitors.
  • Almousawi has long established relationships and access to the region’s key players and decision-makers in Government and Industry. This is a critical component of success and one that is all too often underestimated by new entrants.
  • Almousawi has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the cultural and social contexts within which business is conducted in the region. This, combined with engineering and commercial expertise, enables the company to expedite technically challenging supply chain projects as well as deliver everyday supplies.
  • Almousawi has over fifty years of experience as an international supply chain operator working with suppliers across the globe.
  • Almousawi has a highly competent and internationally experienced team of engineers and commercial sales professionals.
  • Almousawi has significant project management expertise and can provide large scale complex supply solutions.
  • Almousawi’s long heritage enables it to provide management training solutions to a wide variety of industries.

Global Reach

  • Almousawi’s global reach means we have a presence and local expertise wherever in the world machinery or services are sourced, transported, traded or needed.
  • There’s more to running an international supply chain network than meets the eye. We forge partnerships with international businesses and hire the best people to help us work with the prevailing business culture here in Abu Dhabi. Indeed, we are often told by customers that we’ve won a contract because we’ve clearly tried harder to gain an understanding of their needs, local practices, regulations, environmental issues and have always strived to give value for money
  • As one of the Abu Dhabi’s first and largest oil and gas services suppliers, we understand the complex nature of fuel and energy production. With over fifty years experience the Almouswi name is renowned for its professional standards in helping the Abu Dhabi oil and gas industry flourish by providing high quality products and services to the industry from some of the world’s most reputable suppliers. Our qualified engineers and sales team understand the needs of the industry and its suppliers. Cost effective prices, quality and delivery are at the forefront of our minds and more recently we have strived to source from environmentally friendly and energy efficient companies who care about their environment and their people’s welfare as we do for our own people and environment here in Abu Dhabi.
  • Since the beginning of the oil and gas industry here in Abu Dhabi we have had to act rapidly to adapt to changing circumstances and consistently try to make the right trades at the right time to help ensure that best practice and efficient performance prevails within Abu Dhabi’s industries. Abu Dhabi’s remarkable economic progress to become one of the world’s most modern economies has only come about through intelligent economic decision making by its Emirati government and the development of world class competitive industries. Consequently, we are pleased to have played a part in this success story and hope that we can continue to serve our vibrant modern economy for years to come.

Supply Chain Management

We provide procurement services, commissioning services, new product assessments, and new technologies assessment to our clients. We know and understand that 21st century supply chain management is more than just the speed and flexibility of delivery.

Lean management techniques have led to us representing dedicated suppliers who understand the needs of our clients and often work with them on site to improve production efficiencies. Our engineers are often employed in tandem problem solving and sourcing the correct solution as they keep abreast of new developments in the industries they represent. We understand how Abu Dhabi’s industries operate, the planned maintenance schedules, the key spare parts, new project management requirements and the advancement and adoption of new technologies. Many of our suppliers have a long history of supplying Abu Dhabi’s industries and have grown and modernized to match the needs of our industries. These special partnerships have stood the test of time and continue to flourish in 21st century with its rapid and dynamic technological change. We actively seek to encourage our suppliers to share and transfer their technological advancements into the Abu Dhabi economy so that our industries can maintain and improve their production efficiencies and be in the vanguard of modernization.

Training & Education

People matter most and trained people matter more.

Productivity efficiency gains come from well trained people. At Almousawi we know that people matter most and need to be developed. We can provide a wide variety of training from basic technical or safety training to advanced and senior management training. We have access to a worldwide network of trainers working in partnership with international training companies so that we can offer a wide range of technical and management training at all levels. Our trainers are either oil & gas academics or experienced professionals from the UK or the MENA region. Many of our trainers have experience of advising IOCs, NOCs or government oil ministries at the highest level and delivering courses around the world. We can help you identify your training needs and deliver the appropriate solutions as we have experienced trainers within our own company.

Consultancy Services:

Technical Support

We don’t have all the answers and neither do you! Nevertheless, we can you help find them. We can call upon a wide variety of academics and industry specialists to provide technical support and solutions to you problems. Just ask us the question and see if we can find the answer for you.

Management Services

From recruitment to mentoring we can provide a wide range of management services. If you are looking for advice and guidance or just a temporary person we may be able to help solve your problem through our wide network of contacts.

Country Wide Advice & Guidance

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Libya
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • U.A.E.

We can call upon a wide range of country experts who have detailed knowledge on the development of the oil & gas industry in a number of countries around the world. The above are just a few of the countries where we can help and support your entry into the market or to assess potential projects.

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